The Real Cost Of Bad Reviews

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The incredible growth and popularity of online business directories and social media have made customer reviews more important than they have ever been. Today, a single negative customer experience can draw a lot of attention and have a lasting impact due to highly visible platforms like Yelp and Google reviews. These two review sites have become very powerful and are the standard tools used to search for businesses online.

According to a survey, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends, family and the online community more than any other form of advertisement. Due to their popularity and authority, most of these big-business directories will show up very high in search results making it easy for potential customers to see your business listing and any negative reviews.

Consumers tend to rely heavily on these reviews as they are seeking to learn what your business offers, if your business is trustworthy, and if your product or service is worth their money.

Here are the findings from a recent study done to determine the potential loss of customers caused by negative reviews:

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With powerful platforms like Google and Yelp allowing customers to blast their negative experiences to the masses, the results can be devastating. Fortunately, we work to remove Google and Yelp reviews that are hurting your business while focusing on increasing your revenue. Click here to Get Started and send us the Google or Yelp reviews you would like us to have deleted.

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Consider the fact that a bad review may be viewed once a day for 10 years. That’s 3,650 potential customers who can be scared away by that negative review. If your product or service retails at $100, that’s the equivalent of $365,000 in potential business lost from a single bad review.

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Most businesses rely on their accounting and traffic reports to get a good understanding of how to best optimize their business online. However, it’s ironic that the largest cost to a business may not be actually showing up on a balance sheet or expense report. Bad reviews end up costing your business real money every day. For this reason we specialize in how to delete a Google review and how to delete Yelp review to increase the bottom line for our clients.

Ready for some sobering statistics?

The power of online reviews can be seen below in these mind blowing statistics on how significant a role Google and Yelp reviews play in influencing the buying process for your potential customers.

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Regardless of the market you are in or type of business you run, Google and Yelp reviews are going to play an important role in influencing how potential customers chose to interact with your business. These reviews have the power to significantly change the buying habits of potential customers doing research on your products or services before they make a decision to purchase.

To maximize your potential customers finding you online, its critical you maintain the health of your online reputation and most importantly the reviews your potential customers are reading to make the decision on whether to buy from you or your competition.

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